Sponge Spongilla Powder

Product name:Sponge Spongilla Powder/Hydrolyzed Sponge Extract
Botanical Source:Spongilla fragilis Lecidy
Other name:Sponge spongilla Powder,Sponge Powder, spongilla Powder
Part used:Sponge body
Active ingredients:Hydrolyzed Sponge
Specification 50% ≥98% ≥70%
Appearance:White powder
Particular size 180-100 mesh


1.Product Description

Sponge spongilla Powder,also named as Spongilla Spicule is extracted from the freshwater sponge, it’s a kind of bio needle that is gradually evolved by freshwater sponge in order to adapt to the living environment. It’s a very tiny spicule and you can’t see it by your naked eyes. It’s essentially a kind of acicular silica bone, so it’s called spongilla spicule. The sponge microneedle can stimulate the dermis layer of the skin, initiate microcirculation on the surface of the skin, improve the clogging of the capillary pores, and accelerate the natural exfoliation of the aged horny layer, shorten the skin renewal period from 28 days to 1 week. The spongilla spicules powder with purity up to 98% could be used for any kind of cosmetics. Its special function makes it be an ideal, wide-use and low side effect cosmetic ingredient.

It is very likely to cause allergies and infections on the face. Our products remove most of the impurities, leaving only the bone needles needed by the skin, which can be directly applied to the skin, greatly reducing the possibility of skin allergies and infections

Sponge spongilla Powder

2.Spongilla Spicule Application

It can be used in Cosmetics:To Improve the following skin problem

1) Acne

2) black head acne

3) oily skin

4) horny metabolism

5) large pores

6) tiny wrinkles

7) spots

8) dark skin

spongilla supplier

3.How to use Spongilla?

1)Clean skin first. Avoid using clean products with surfactants.

2)To find a clean container (disinfection before use), mix and mask powder and solution, disperse evenly.

3)Take a small amount of spoon, apply on the skin along the opposite direction of skin pores. Use finger pulp to press gently against the pores for 5-10 minutes,

be sure not to rub the skin. Please avoid the skin around the eyes, just only apply on the cheeks, forehead, and chin, await for the absorption of the solution and the mask slightly powder, use a clean wet towel disinfected and gently wipe off the excess powder floating on the skin.

4)In the spongilla peeling mask therapy, do not rub the skin, the tingling is normal because spicules are entering into the skin, and this feeling is acceptable for most people.

5)After treatment, please avoid using any kind of cleaning products with surfactants, using water less than 36 cent-degree is allowed. It’s a normal phenomenon if redness, itching, and peeling happen, skin moisturising will help to relieve, and this discomfort will disappear in 3-5 days. Do the best UV protection and make-up is forbidden.

6)We suggest the treatment cycle is 1-2 times/month at most.

Hydrolyzed Sponge Extract


Sponge spongilla Helps to dissolve bruises, stagnant spots and infiltrates

Strongly function on Anti-comedones:

Rejuvenates the skin, Commonly used for peeling cosmetics


5.Specification Sheet

Product Name

Hydrolyzed Sponge Spicule

Botanical Name

Spongilla fragills(Leidy)

Used Part

Sponge Body

Test items





Off-White Fine Powder

Loss on Drying


Ph Value (1%Solution)


Sieve analysis

80Mesh ~180mesh

Lead (Pb)


Arsenic (As)


Cadmium (Cd)


Mercury (Hg)


Total Aerobic Count

≤ 1000cfu/g

Yeast and Moulds







1)Detail information

Hydrolyzed sponge/sponge spicule /Sponge Spongilla Powder
HS code.:2938909090

CAS NO.:Do not have
2)What is the MOQ?

10g or 1kg is ok

3)What‵s your annual production?

Our monthly production capacity is 300Kg

4)Which documents can be suppy?

Specification,COA,MSDS,DGM and others.

7. Certificate

LonierHerb is committed to product development and production, in order to further prove the quality of our products, We've set up the quality management system and obtained certificates of it.

LonierHerb Certificate


LonierHerb is committed to customer service and development, we can pack according to customer‵s requirements, for example, 100g/aluminum foil bag, 1kg/aluminum foil bag or 100g/bottle.

LonierHerb Package Method


LonierHerb is committed to the research and development of plant extracts. Strive to develop products with low cost and high cost performance.


LonierHerb focused on researching and developing on Spongilla Spicule for several years, is the only company of professional R&D and production. For Sponge Spongilla Powder,if you have any question,welcome to contact by e-mail:info@lonierherb.com or whatsapp/Skype/Wechat:86-17702909819.

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